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Building my pond


March 2008

Work started on my pond. I plan to make it using scaffold boards as the side supports, 3' high = 27" and 10" into the ground. The pond will be 8 feet square. This will give me a pond of around 1200 gallons which should house my Koi and orfe. The pond will have a bottom drain feeding a small tank in which will be the submersible pump and this will feed a pressure filter returning to the pump via a water feature placed on top of the tank.

The pond will be a mixture of formal and informal and Japanese style! a bit of a gamble but we will see if it works.


April 2008

May 2008

June 2008
Had to make it dog proof!

July and pond finished, I want to make a raised seating area at the far end so viewing the fish can be more comfortable and then the rest of the garden! Watch this space.



As it looked at the end of August with the seat completed.


October and the Gravel is growing along with the seating and arbour.


May 2009 The planting is getting established.


June 2009 I took the plunge and bought a new Eazypod filter.

First step was diving into the pond to plug off the bottom drain!!

Next dismantle the old small box at the back of the pond, Install new pipe to the bottom drain.

Attached a slide valve to this, fill in the hole to the right level. Install the filter on a level paving slab and connect up.

All done and the difference is noticeable already!


June 23rd 2009  


Jan 9th 2010